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Friends of the School
We have a very active Friends of the School who have regular meetings and organise many different activities over the year. If you are interested in becoming a 'Friend' please let us know.


We have had many exciting events this year including our annual BBQ which raised over £900!! Many, many thanks to everyone involved in raising the money- we will always put it to very good use! 

Friends of the school have run several cake sales over the year generating money, they have also sold tea-towels and other items to make money! 

A BIG thank you! 

Cake Sales
Friends of the School have been organising cake sales every term.. these are really successful! Many thanks to all the parents who have contributed to the cake sales too! 

Our Auction of Promises was a huge success- you can read more about it on our news and events section.

Gift and Pamper Evening NOVEMBER 
We had a wonderful Gift and Pamper evening in November and many people attended and purchased some exciting gifts for Christmas!

Race Night 2011
Our RACE NIGHT was on Friday 14th October 2011 and was another wonderful event! The event was well attended, with excellent organisation by our wonderful Friends of the School! We raised £498 at the event- a BIG thank you to everyone involved.
This race night was very kindly sponsored by the following companies:
Bridge McFarland Solicitors
Appy Trans Ltd
Architectural Design by Don Welburn
The Divan Centre
Welbourn Village Store and Post Office
Mick Dwane and Sons (Car sales and servicing)
The Ticklebelly Lane Bakery, North Scarle
First Timers Nursery and Extra Timers After School Club
Below you can see the types of activities that the Friends of the School organised last year.. they were extremely busy and raised a great deal of money for the school which went towards things such as our wonderful new climbing wall, treats at sports day and many other wonderful things that without them we couldn't have.
Friday 11th February- Valentines' Disco
The children had a wonderful time dancing and having fun!
Friday 15th October OUR RACE NIGHT
The Race Night on Friday 15th October went very well with lots of betting and enjoyment taking place. Many thanks to everyone who organised the event and everyone who took part. Well done to all the winning owners too!
Thursday 11th November PAMPER/ GIFT NIGHT
Another wonderful evening took place with many opportunities to be pampered, relax and generally have a lovely evening. Many thanks to everyone who supported this event.