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Meet The Team
We have a fantastic team at our school.  Please read a little more about us below.
Head Teacher: Mrs. Vicky Cook (currently on Maternity Leave)
Mrs. Cook started at our school in April 2010. She has worked in several other schools previously and has lots of experience working with children of all ages. She lives with her husband James (a baker) and her dog, Pickle. She enjoys walking, biking and playing badminton. Mrs. Cook is also teaching Topaz Class alongside Mrs. Brown.
We would like to welcome Martha Edith Poppy to the world!  Congratulations to the Cook Family.

Acting Head Teacher (to cover Maternity Leave), Moonstone Class Teacher, Assessment Leader and Maths Leader:  Mrs. Sara Wright  

Mrs. Wright has been a smiley, supportive and caring member of the team since she first arrived in September.  She is an experienced teacher who is really looking forward to her role here! She has her three children and husband and has lots of interests outside school. 

Administrator: Mrs. Jackie Dwane

Mrs. Dwane has been working at school for several years, prior to that she was Chair to Friends of Welbourn School for two years and also came in to help as a volunteer.  She has lived in Welbourn most of her life and knows the school very well. She has twin girls, Rebecca and Catherine, who attend the Sir William Robertson Academy.
Senior Teacher and Topaz Class Teacher: Mrs. Jo Brown (currently on Maternity Leave)
Mrs. Jo Brown started at our school in September 2011. She is a very experienced teacher with lots of exciting skills to bring to our school and is our Senior Teacher.
We would like to congratulate Jo and Jon on their baby girl, Flora Lottie.  We can't wait to meet her!
Topaz Class Teacher: Mrs. Ailsa Boot (to cover maternity leave)
Mrs. Ailsa Boot has joined us this year to teach Topaz when Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Brown are not here.  She has made a wonderful addition to the school since she has started and has very much enjoyed getting to know the children and the parents.
Topaz Trainee Teacher
Mrs. Jess Gibson has joined us this year to carry out her training. She is already very much a part of Topaz Class and busily working with the children! She is currently using her musical skills to teach our Choir Club.

Emerald Teacher and Literacy and Phonics Leader:  Miss Claire Cottam

Miss Cottam has worked at Welbourn School for several years; she began her teaching career at this school!  She thinks the most enjoyable thing about her job is learning lots of new things with the children, and the the quirky remarks that children make about different things! She loves that no one day is ever the same and that the children constantly surprise her with their fantastic enthusiasm.
She lives at home with her partner Doug and their three cats. Miss Cottam enjoys renovating her old house, and watching Moto GP - as she is Valentino Rossi's biggest fan! 
Amethyst Class Teacher, SENCo and P.E. Leader: Miss Jennie Freeman
Miss Freeman is in her third year at Welbourn after training on the Graduate Teacher Programme in Year 5/6 and now teaching in Amethyst with Year 3/4.  
She is currently undertaking the National SENCo Award at the University of Northampton and loves leading P.E. and Sport in school, trying to offer as many opportunities for the pupils as possible and shouting as loud as she can from the sidelines to cheer our pupils on!  She is also on the Governing Body.  
Topaz and Emerald Teaching Assistant - Mrs Andrea Batchelor
Mrs. Batchelor works in EYFS and KS1 at Welbourn so she knows the children in the lower end of the school really well.  She is incredibly dedicated, shown in the fact that she has worked with us for so long!  She is married and has 3 children have attended the school over the years.
Teaching Assistant and SEN Specialist Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Lara Colman
 Mrs. Colman works in all classes, from Topaz up to Moonstone.  She is married to James and has two children.  She was a parent helper when her children first started at Welbourn Primary School  in 2006.  She then started working in the school in early 2009 initially doing display work and then becoming a teaching assistant all across the school.  Mrs. Colman also has a love of animals;  many share her home and inspire her art work and the children know who to call when an injured hedgehog is found on the school field!   
Moonstone Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs. Claire Kinton
Mrs. Kinton joined our school in May 2013 and has worked in Amethyst Class with Miss Freeman.  Now from September 2014, she works as a personalised learning assistant in Moonstone as well as supporting the children as a mentor in KS2.  She has three children, two of which are at Welbourn, and her eldest is at secondary school.  She is a talented writer with several published books! 
 Topaz and Emerald Teaching Assistant: Mrs Katie Howells
Mrs. Howells has worked with us since January 2014.  She is an extremely experienced Teaching Assistant with a real passion for learning and again, really goes the extra mile to get to know the children and support where she can.  She really enjoys making and doing things in the classroom.  She lives with her husband, Ryan and their dog nearby and enjoys all sorts of things in her time away from school! 
Midday Supervisor: Mrs. Sharon Dame
Mrs Dame has lived in Welbourn most of her life. She went to Welbourn Primary School when she was younger and now her son really enjoys being at Welbourn Primary School.  Her daughter goes to High School in Sleaford. Her hobbies are cooking, baking and gardening.
Breakfast Club Leader and Midday Supervisor: Mrs. Fiona Thorpe
We are delighted that Mrs. Thorpe has joined our team once again as Breakfast Club leader and Midday Supervisor. Her son attends our school and she brings a wealth of experience and ideas to our Breakfast club and lunchtimes. 

We also have a fantastic team of governors who support our school- to find out more about them please click on the Governors' Area of the website.