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Our Christian Values
Our values are centred upon the rights of the child and we aim to follow the Christian values:
1. Love and compassion
We have high expectations of all members of our community and this is based upon our obligation to care for the wellbeing of each other and respect their rights and their feelings. This is demonstrated in listening to what children, parents, governors, staff and the community have to say and giving them a safe and blameless way of communicating their thoughts and feelings.
2. Justice
We listen to and act upon the child’s view and voice, helping them to find their own solutions so that they can gain the maximum benefit from their right to a good educatin. We believe that everyone is precious and that we provide a good education for those children with special educational needs. Parents have told us that chosen our school for this reason even though they may have to travel from another area. Through our curriculum and the fund raising organised by the School Council we hope to inspire and support our children to recognise injustice in the world.
3. Equality
This value resonates with the schools’ inclusive agenda. We are proud of our policies on Equal Opportunities, Racial Equality and Disability Equality and Accessibility. We strive to provide children with the opportunity to experience other communities with different beliefs and to learn from them as well as about them. Our “new” curriculum approach, introduced in September 2007, is providing greater opportunities to do this and to plan for the opportunities for personalised and independent learning.
As a church school we are about bringing people together and we organise community events which includes Christian worship such as the Christingle Service, the Christmas carol procession through the village, one of the harvest festivals and the Leavers’ service. We are active participants in the church festivals and, for the first time in 2007, was able to provide a school choir to perform with and alongside the church choir. The quality of the performance and involvement was remarked upon by many of the congregation and supporters. We stress that our school is a crucial part of our village community and we try to be inclusive as well as distinctive.
4. Service and Stewardship
The school community is encouraged and expectations are high that we all have the responsibility to use, and not abuse, the resources we have been given. This is about looking after God’s world. Our ECO council is active and working towards their gold award. We truly believe that the adults in this Church of England school are the stewards of the young lives in our care.
5. Peace and Forgiveness
These are important values for us in that our success is based upon the healthy relationships between us all and the way we strive to repair damaged relationships. We want to provide a school where we can all grow and also learn about our strengths and weaknesses and where we can be open enough and trusting enough to say, “I got that wrong”. Our school is a place where we can develop spiritually and morally and have a basis for decision making and life choices. The Lord’s Prayer is said at all our worship. We encourage “asking for help or support” and recognising when an individual is struggling emotionally, physically or academically. We have been fortunate to make changes to our school building and we now have places and spaces which are quiet and provide some time for privacy and reflection. On a practical level, the need for quiet times and spaces has been identified through the School Council and negotiation and some compromise have taken place with those who want more action and noise during their play times.
6. Generosity and thankfulness
We encourage self awareness and an awareness of what others do. Saying “thank you” to each other and being aware of those things or those people that may be overlooked or taken for granted . This is linked to the Gospel values of loving God and one’s neighbour and appreciating other gifts such as saying Grace at the beginning of lunch.