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Our Curriculum

We are very proud of our curriculum.  It is an exciting blend of first hand experiences, practical and creative learning which inspires our children. It is underpinned by the belief that in order for children to develop understanding they must have a rich language experience on which to draw. The curriculum has had a significant impact on learning and children's achievements have risen as a result.One of our core aims is to develop and promote creative and independent learners. As part of this we have established a firm commitment to teaching and learning through the arts. We have a resident artist and musician who work with the children on a weekly basis. We have successfully been awarded Arts Mark Gold; which recognises all the wonderful work that has been achieved by learning through the arts. We have also developed ICT as a key learning tool within our school with many exciting new technologies that we use on a daily basis. We constantly update our ICT facilities and pupils regularly have access to laptops and iPads to enhance their learning in all subjects.
We have worked hard over the last year to develop our children's experience of life 'beyond their own doorstep' through our creative partnership with schools in Lincoln, London and abroad. We have shared information and learning days with our partner schools and are aiming to take this further over the next year across the partnership and using our ICT to interact with our partner schools including video conferencing. 
Each term, there is a whole school theme. Within this, each class looked at its own area of the theme. You can see our whole school overview below. When we are learning, we are making links between our knowledge in different subjects all the time - we don't just learn in single subjects. One of the most exciting things about our curriculum is the number of visits or vistors that we have. Each unit in a theme has a visit, visitor or expert to inspire us. 

Our Curriculum 2014 onwards
We have really enjoyed recreating our curriculum this year. We have had some wonderful ideas from the children that have been incorporated into our themes and we have thought about what our children would most benefit from learning. Click and see our curriculum below! 

Our Long Term Coverage

Moonstone Class:  

Amethyst Class:

Emerald Class:

Emerald Space Map.docx (DOCX — 134 KB)

Topaz Class:  

We invited parents and Governors to come to our Curriculum Evening so that we could talk through the new changes since September.  We handed out the new expectations for children from their year groups and here are the handouts in case you missed them.

Parents_Guide_Year_6.pdf (PDF — 44 KB)
Parents_Guide_Year_2.pdf (PDF — 38 KB)

We also put together a Powerpoint which you can see below:

Have a look at the topics we're covering this year:

Curriculum 2013

Autumn Term 

Topaz Class

Emerald Class

Amethyst Class

Moonstone Class 

Phonics at Welbourn C of E Primary School
At our school the whole school takes part in phonics sessions every day. In Key Stage One and Foundation Stage the children are grouped according to their phonics phase. We use Letters and Sounds to teach the children phonics.
In Key Stage Two we again group the children in phonics phases and they are also taught using Letters and Sounds.