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Secondary School Transition  

On this page we hope to be able to give you an insight into transition to Secondary School. Over the past few years we have had children move to a wider group of schools as our school is well placed to be able to apply to schools in Lincoln, Sleaford and Grantham.

Places at secondary schools are based on their admissions procedures, all of which you should be able to locate on their websites. All secondary schools also publish when their open days/ taster days and open evenings are. Please keep checking schools you are interested in as some take place in the Summer Term (of your child's Yr 5 year) and some take place in the Autumn Term (of your child's Yr 6 year). If you aren't able to make their open days or have missed them please contact the schools and ask for a visit as they will all usually be able to accommodate you on another day.  We are happy to support you taking your child with you to any taster/ open event at the secondary schools.

Your child will receive an application pack from our school (sent from the LCC) at the beginning of the Autumn Term of their Year Six year. In this pack is a link to the website on which you will need to make an application and links to the dates for this. Usually the closing date for applications is in November and you will be notified online of the place offered, which is usually around March. You will only be offered one place from the list of schools you give and the utmost will be done by LCC to ensure you have your first choice wherever possible.

If you do not receive an offer of a place at the school you have applied for (your first choice), you can appeal. If you are intending to appeal please speak to your child's teacher/ Head Teacher as the school is very happy to help you with this process. It usually involves gathering relevant evidence you feel supports why the school should accept your child and then a formal meeting with an independent panel who review your evidence and that of the school you are appealing for a place in before making a decision.

In the Summer Term all children are invited to days at the secondary school they will be moving on to. Our AQT partnership also organise a transition day for Year 6 in the Summer term to give children an opportunity to work with children they will be going to the same school as in Year 7.

If you need any more information about transition to secondary schools or have any questions at all please do not hesitate in contacting the school.