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Sport Premium


At Welbourn, we strive to provide excellent opportunities for our children by offering a wide range of sport, both in P.E. lessons and in After School Clubs.  We have an invaluable link to Carre's Grammar School and their outreach team who come into each class on a weekly basis to enable our staff to offer the best possible teaching to our pupils. Weare also an Inspire+ member school and benefit from olympic / paralympic visitors, playground leader training, wheelchair sport afternoons and much more. 
We aim to provide safe, nurturing and challenging lessons, pushing our enthusiastic learners while encouraging those who are sports shy.  P.E and Sport is vital to help develop a competitive spirit and teamwork, alongside individual skills. We have a range of enriching activities to compliment this, such as wellbeing and mentoring sessions, school games competitions and young ambassador training. 
Our pupils relish the time they spend with our coaches, both in school and after in clubs. You can read our report about sports by following the links at the bottom of the page. 


 As a school, we have allocated funding known as P.E. Premium which can only be spent on provision for our children for Sport and P.E.  To abide by our aim of our children having excellent teaching and a wide range of opportunities, we use the resources and expertise of the Outreach Team at Carre's, headed up by Mr. Matthew Evans.    

What is the budget?

Annually, the school receives a budget of £16000 plus £10 per child on role from the Department of Education.  We can allocate our funding into four main areas:  HQPE, Competition, Health and Community, depending on the needs for our pupils.  Our P.E. Co-ordinator works in close relationship with the Headteacher to establish the most appropriate way to spend our budget, providing maximum impact on the teaching and learning in our school, while also providing quality and breadth for our pupils.

How is it being spent?

This academic year, our focus will be on the continuation and progression of high quality lessons through staff mentoring and enhancing the range and types of sports our children can take part in.   We have invested in staff training on a weekly basis with coaches present in one of the two P.E. lessons to provide support, assistance and building staff confidence.  Coaches provide their own resources and equipment, prepare and help with planning including the STEP Principle and train with the whole-part-whole coaching ethos in mind.  Their expertise allows for the children to be taught in Volleyball, Lacrosse, Footall, Basketball, High 5, Cricket, Rounders, Handball, Tennis, Badminton, Athletics and Rugby.  
Our P.E. Co-ordinator has also developed her knowledge with the new curriculum by working closely with Matt Evans who works in school regularly over a term.  During training sessions, a new skill based curriculum has been drawn up, allowing for progression on skills in KS1 working up to competition in KS2. The budget is also spent on equipment for the school, allowing continuation of clubs or further lessons after sessions have been taught.

What is the impact?

For the teaching staff, confidence of delivery and an increased subject knowledge has certainly been gained which only ever impacts positively on the pupils.  If the staff are happy with their teaching, then pupils are happy in their lessons.  One of our teachers remarked in her feedback that her confidence had grown greatly in the quality of the lessons she was offering.  She felt that through the mentoring partnership, her breadth of knowledge and skill had dramatically increased.  With the breadth of sports, the children are now partaking in Level 1 competitions in school, but also allowing opportunity for more children to attend competitions at Level 2, against other schools. Opportunities for staff to be trained outside of school at Sports Conferences have also been taken up and further CPD in school has taken place since, therefore all staff members are benefiting. 

How will we sustain this?

By staff working with our visiting specialists, their skills and confidence continues to improve. New relationships are being created with local schools so that we can continue to work together. Children are signposted to community opportunities so they can continue to pursue any new-found interests.


For the 2017 to 2018 academic year, there is a new condition requiring schools to publish how many pupils within their year 6 cohort are meeting the National Curriculum requirement to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 meters, use a range of strokes effectively and perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

Our data for 2017/18 was 100% of our Y6 pupils (8/8) met the National Curriculum requirement as a minimum.

Our data for 2018/19 was 87.5% of our Y6 pupils (14/16) met the National Curriculum requirement as a minimum

*Swimming did not take place as planned in Summer term 2020 due to COVID-19*

Our data for 2020/2021 was 60% of our Y6 pupils met the National Curriculum requirement

Our data for 2021/2022 was 88% of our Y6 pupils met the National Curriculum requirement


Sport Premium reports

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