'Believe, Excite, Succeed, Together'

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum intent


At Welbourn Church of England Primary School, we value each child as an individual with a unique potential for learning. Our aim is to prepare our unique children for an ever changing modern world by promoting the spiritual, moral, social, mental and physical qualities of all pupils. Our curriculum is designed to reflect out school motto, ‘Believe, Excite, Succeed, Together’ to instil a love of learning and motivation for everyone to be their BEST.

At Welbourn CE Primary School, we prioritise phonics and reading skills to enable children to acquire the early language development which is needed to become fluent readers. Pupils at Welbourn love learning and love to read so reading drives the curriculum and children develop their ability to retain and recall key concepts and knowledge across a range of subjects.

We believe that an effective curriculum offers knowledge, skills, understanding and progression. Our curriculum is designed with these principles in mind: it is personalised, reflecting the background and experience of our pupils and is underpinned by the belief that in order for children to develop understanding they must revisit and retrieve key knowledge and have a rich language experience on which to draw.  

At Welbourn Church of England Primary School we offer a well-planned, broad, balanced and exciting curriculum; ensuring that the development of knowledge, skills and understanding are equally effective across all subjects.


Our Curriculum prepares our children with the essential knowledge, skills and vocabulary to prepare them for life long learning and to succeed in an ever changing modern world. 

Our curriculum will create individuals who are:

- articulate

- knowledgeable

- inquisitive

- resilient

- creative 

Opportunities to develop these skills are woven throughout the curriculum. 

Curriculum design

All stakeholders are part of the development of the curriculum design. To ensure curriculum quality we have addressed the following:

  • Developing sequential learning where pupils know more and can do more
  • Local context and filling the gaps from pupils’ backgrounds
  • Considering depth and breadth and curriculum content
  • Having a clear purpose for assessment
  • Listening to the pupil voice
  • Reviewing and evaluating curriculum design
  • Clear curriculum leadership and ownership

Each subject has a clear overview of how we will teach the subject. All subjects include the following principles:

  • Revisit and teach key knowledge
  • Revisit and teach specific vocabulary
  • Development of skills


Please click here to view an overview of our Recovery Curriculum September 2020

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Computing and Esafety
Computing and Esafety



Curriculum Maps

The Arts
Art and Design


Curriculum Music

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Design Technology

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Outdoor Learning
Outdoor Learning


Wow Weeks and Inspiration days
Wow Weeks and Inspiration days



Parent Guides to the National Curriculum

Please click on the links below to download a copy of a guide for parents for each year group. Please contact us if you would like any more information.

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